Jeb Wolcott's story
“Two forces -- creation and destruction -- live side by side in each of us. To understand how this works and where the roots of the 21st Century lie, we need to look at our bloody as well as our astonishingly creative past.”


 Merina's story
“As we struggled to survive, we taught ourselves to make better tools, and grow our own food. We shared everything within our own group and this is how we looked after each other. But those who lived outside of our group were the enemy.”


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Urku's story
“Big changes were beginning to happen. Growing crops and raising animals made it possible for us to live in one place. We eventually built towns. When we extracted metals from the earth, what a difference that made to our lives!


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 Nefertiti's story
Archimedes's story
Cleopatra's story
“From humble Stone Age beginnings, three major civilizations grew in the Middle East. Now, we required rulers, who made wars to extend their territories and their power. With the great creations of each of these societies, also came war and killing.”


Confucius's story
“With the Tang dynasty we lived in peace and made advances in art, science and technology. When Europe was mired in the madness of religious wars and the ruthless building of nations, China was experiencing a period of growth and enlightenment.”


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Machiavelli's story
“European rulers were merciless in their invasions of the new world, and the annihilation of new world peoples. Back in our own kingdoms, we nobles lived lives of luxury, enjoying the magnificent flowering of all creative arts.”


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M'tami's story
“They came for us at night and herded us into the hold of the ship, where we lived in unspeakable filth for months, until we reached the New World. There we served the masters of the new, independent nation, supporting their economy on our backs.”


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Private Cairns's story
“We were dug into trenches filled with mud and the stench of human excrement. The battlefield was a slaughterhouse littered with the corpses of the dead, and the heartbreaking cries of the wounded. Sixty million casualties and no one really knew what that war was all about.”


Emma Kolodny's story
“My husband spent four years in prison during those Stalin years of terror, murder, and tyranny. Then, the iron curtain came crumbling down and we were suddenly thrust into a new relationship with the west. It was as uncomfortable as it was exhilarating.”





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