This fascinating social studies program provides a survey of world history focused on major historical trends, personages and events, cultures and their world views. "Real" characters from each historical era narrate their stories, illuminated by striking images and background music. Mini "cases" embedded in the chapters promote discussion, critical thinking, and understanding of complex issues in history.

Each of nine chapters includes discussion questions, interactive timelines, follow-up activities, web links for gathering additional information, evaluation exercises, and other resources. A comprehensive TEACHER'S GUIDE provides detailed suggestions for multiple classroom uses and for using World History in a case study format.

A set of two multimedia CD-ROMs. Correlates with state and national social studies standards. High School. Viewing time approx 10 hours.

System Requirements:
PC: Pentium II (233 MHz), 24x CD-ROM,
Windows 98(64 MB RAM) or Windows NT/2000/ME/XP(128 MB RAM)
Macintosh: Power Mac G3, 64 MB RAM, 24x CD-ROM, Mac OS 8.1+/9.x (64 MB RAM) or Mac OS Classic (128 MB RAM)






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