The 20th Century - 1st Half: 1900 - 1950

Issues and Events:

  1. Immigration policies in the early 20th century

  2. Jim Crow in the southern United States

  3. The grim face of racial, religious and ethnic prejudice

  4. The role of women in the first half of the 20th century

  5. Child labor

  6. The Triangle Shirt Factory fire

  7. Women's fight for the right to vote

  8. Developments in science and technology in the first half of the 20th century

  9. Building the Panama Canal

  10. The Spanish flu

  11. The rise of baseball

  12. The Jazz age

  13. Canada becomes independent

  14. The Great Depression

  15. The Spanish Civil War

  16. The emergence of radio as a form of entertainment

  17. The development of the film industry

  18. The appearance of television

  19. World War I -- the pity of war

  20. The Versailles Treaty

  21. World War II -- the good (?) war

  22. Internment of Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadians during WWII

  23. The Nazis and the Final Solution

  24. The Russian Revolution

  25. China goes communist

  26. The end of European empires in Asia and Africa

  27. The United Nations

  28. The Cold War

  29. The Atomic Age

  30. The League of Nations

  31. Apartheid in South Africa

  32. The establishment of the state of Israel

People and Places

  1. Susan B. Anthony and the women's suffrage movement

  2. Queen Victoria

  3. Czar Nicholas II

  4. Mao Zedong

  5. The Wright Brothers

  6. Pablo Picasso

  7. Vladimir Lenin

  8. Josef Stalin

  9. Benito Mussolini

  10. Winston Churchill

  11. Adolf Hitler

  12. Sigmund Freud

  13. Jesse Owens

  14. Battle of the Somme

  15. Gallipoli

  16. Auschwitz

  17. Pearl Harbor

  18. Hiroshima

  19. Mahatma (M. K.) Ghandi


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