Children's Software Revue Magazine, Fall 2004
All Star Award Winner

"Like the blooming cherry tree after a cold, hard winter, the Renaissance was a time of great ideas," at least according to Nicolo Machiavelli, the narrator of this CD-ROM. The content is top quality, and the table of contents makes it easy to jump to any topic, arranged in linear fashion into 12 chapters. Students can either listen to the entire program, in narrated slideshow fashion, or they can jump to a topic of interest. Note that this program has very little interactive content -- even the self-evaluation exercises are designed to be printed on regular paper. The numerous links to related websites are noteworthy, on an external web page that is constantly updated. All in all, this is an excellent teacher resource, either for whole group demonstration or for small group research. Note that this CD was adapted from a CD-ROM set, Word History: A Comparative Civilizations Perspective. Made with Macromedia Director.
Date of Review: 10/21/04, pages 13,15





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