It was time of great ideas, scientific discovery, rich culture and exploration. With Machiavelli as your guide, the spirit of the Renaissance comes alive in a vivid narrative story. Accompanied by music and stunning works of art from the period, students can visualize the cultural significance and contribution of the Renaissance in context with the political ideas that shaped the great empires in the east and west. This multiple-use software is perfect in classrooms, for independent study, and for libraries.

Supplementary materials include higher order discussion questions, suggestions for follow-up activities, interactive time lines, web links for gathering additional information, and other resources. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide offers suggestions for multiple classroom uses, including using a case study approach.

Correlates with state and national social studies standards.
Ages 10 to adult. $49.95

System Requirements:
PC: Pentium II (350 MHz), 24x CD-ROM, Windows 98(64 MB RAM) or Windows NT/2000/ME/XP(128 MB RAM)
Macintosh: Power Mac G3, 64 MB RAM, 24x CD-ROM, Mac OS 8.6/9.x (64 MB RAM) or Mac OS X(128 MB RAM)





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