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Medieval Times in China and Beyond 500-1500 CE

The Middle Ages is often associated with significant European events yet there were many notable advances occurring simultaneously in other regions of the world. Confucius, revered sage of Ancient China, offers his perspective on the morality, events, and social order of Medieval China, Japan, India, and the Americas.

Discover the technological advancements in Medieval China, the role of trade and exploration along the Silk Road, and the development of the feudal system in Japan. Uncover the rise of arts and culture in India, and the expansion of aboriginal civilizations in the Americas.

Illustrated with period works of art and complemented with music, this compelling narrative encourages intelligent interpretation and reflection.

ChinaMedieval China preview
The Silk Road
The Americas

Teacher’s Guide: Includes 45 page Teacher’s Guide

This DVD learning resource is designed for home, classroom and library use. Correlates with state and national social studies standards.

Ages 9 to adult. Running time approximately 25 minutes.

Medieval Times in China and Beyond

Medieval China and Beyond
and Medieval Europe and the Crusades

2 DVD Video Set
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