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Medieval China and Beyond

           Kids First Film Festival Official Selection

Medieval Times in China and Beyond   Medieval Middle Ages Video DVD


KIDS FIRST! Film Festival Official Selection 2009

Very informative and easy to watch. Explores China, Japan, India and the Americas from 500-1500 AD and explains the living conditions and developments that came out of that time and how it has influenced our lives today. Much of the information is new and very compelling. We love it!...”  Kids First! Adult Juror

BOOKLIST April 2009

"...Arts, sciences, and trade routes flourished during this era...voice-over narration (accompanied by traditional music) describes artistic achievements, inventions (paper, kites, silk), social customs, and Buddhism...Period artifacts and contemporary location footage add visual diversity. Useful for making students aware of ancient developing civilizations..." Candace Smith, BOOKLIST, April 2009

Children’s Software and Media Revue

“This is a stand-out product...narrated in first person by Confucius, creating a very interesting presentation...the content is excellent and easy to understand...an excellent resource for any middle or high school history unit.”  Children’s Software and Media Revue

"…impressive in its graphics, images, music and narrative – very engaging...” Dr. Larry Cuban, Stanford University (World History)


Medieval Times in China and Beyond

Medieval China and Beyond
and Medieval Europe and the Crusades

2 DVD Video Set
Purchase both Middle Ages DVDs and save $20!


Medieval Europe and the Crusades product details


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