Children's Software Revue Magazine January 2004
"Best of 2003" List

Three ancient civilizations are explained by folks that were there -- Nefertiti (for Ancient Egypt), Archimedes (Ancient Greece) and Cleopatra (Rome). From the clean main menu, you click a character to see a table of contents, covering the art, food, science and key events for each empire. For example, in "Looking Sharp: Fashions in Ancient Egypt" Nefertiti talks about the invention of silk, and how great this new material is for making royal clothes. The content is top quality, and the table of contents makes it easy to jump to any topic. Also noteworthy are the number of links to related websites. All in all, this is an excellent teacher resource, either for whole group demonstration or for small group research.

Teacher Librarian April 2004
Best New Software

This CD offers an introduction to ancient civilizations and sections on Greece, Rome and Egypt. Excellent audio is interwoven with still images while Nefertiti, Archimedes or Cleopatra narrates the content-rich story. A timeline, questions to think about, web links and a well-developed teacher’s guide round out the resource.
By Joanne Troutner

District Administration March 2004
New Products

Designed for grades 6-8, this multi-media CD-ROM uses personal narratives to connect students to the content. The teacher's guide includes 24 "mini cases" for teachers who wish to use a case study approach to teach the "big ideas" of the curriculum. Supplementary resources accompany each of the three chapters.

School Library Journal February 2004
Essential Software

In this engaging program, three ancient civilizations are discussed by folks who should know what they're talking about: Nefertiti gives kids the skinny on Egypt, Archimedes discusses Greece, and Cleopatra sheds light on the Roman Empire. Starting from the program's cleanly designed main menu, kids can click on any one of the three characters to view the corresponding table of contents, with information on an empire's art, food, science, and key events. For instance, in "Looking Sharp: Fashions in Ancient Egypt," Nefertiti talks about the invention of silk, and how great this new material is for making royal clothes. Ancient History's content is top notch, and the various contents tables make it easy to locate and leap from topic to topic. The program also features many helpful links to related Web sites. Overall, this is an excellent resource for educators that can be used with both small groups and entire classes.
By Warren Buckleitner





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