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Ancient Egypt
Nefertiti’s Story

"Learning to farm and raise livestock made it possible for people to remain in one place. Settlements became towns and cities. The Ancient Egyptian civilization grew and flourished on the banks of the Nile River, bringing cultural, social, political and economic advances that took human development a giant step forward."


Ancient Greece
Archimedes’s Story
"Much of what you moderns take for granted in your ways of life, we Greeks either invented it, or created it, or put it into practice before anyone else. The origins of the democratic process, higher mathematics, medicine, philosophy, theatre – all began with us. It wasn’t called the ‘glory of Greece’ for nothing."


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The Roman Empire
Cleopatra’s Story
"The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is a tale of remarkable events: of evil, ruthless ambition, and murderous intrigues, existing side by side with brilliant social, artistic, and technological developments. At its height, the empire reached from Britain to the Persian Gulf."





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